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Damian Chandler: Barcelona Ironman 2019

Ironman Barcelona 2019:

Daryl’s Goals 1.05 swim, 5.10-20 bike, 3.38-50 run. Overall 10.20-10.30. Well I had unfinished business from last year so needed after a year of injuries most recently with plantar over the summer months I was unsure how it would go.

So there I was on the start line with AC/DC, the goal was start in the 1.05 pen and hold on. Conditions were as good as they probably can get, off I went and settled in to the first buoy before turning and putting some effort in down the coastline to the turn when your against the swell, as last year I relaxed into and just chose my draft and swam with it until another passed then changed draft. Out of the water and pushed the wrong button on my watch, through T1 relaxed and off onto bike, soon realised I didn’t know my swim time, OCD! Thought I must doing OK as the bike course was quiet, so I just settled into the next 5ish hours. Pretty uneventful, until it started with stomach cramps, onto the second lap, first lap 2.34 @ 172 Watts NP, now to maintain same split for 2nd lap to be as planned 5.10. Really easy 2nd lap and enjoyed it sitting up and stop pedalling whenever a peloton passed to be sure if of no penalties.

Now coming into T2 @ 5.12. Through T2 and off, coach said take it really easy, didn’t have a clue of pace due to the tree line for the 1st mile, then watch beeped 7.35 doh! Slow down, wasn’t until 2nd lap until a friend shouted out my swim split 1.03. So based on 15mins transitions meant a 3.30 marathon gave me 10 hrs, then the gastric distress and cramps happened at 9 mile.

I really thought that was the end. Carried on but took some extra time at the aid stations and started feeling better, half way 1.45 so 10 hours was gone knowing I was slowing up. Goal was not to break myself for a few minutes so backed off with the revised plan of 10.15 and take as much time as I needed. There I was coming down the chute 10.12:11 IRONMAN. Well done Ian, Sid and Al. Many thanks all for the support over the past year especially Daryl and Natalie.

So I’ve decided here I go OCD has kicked in . #Chasing 10

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